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Hey what's up? This site is a lot freaking better than any video websites.  I can share vidoes, photos,and webpages with friends and make money for my living . This is awesome, keep up the good work.





Hey GoodTOLove!!! I Freaking love your website!!! It's amazing, watch cool videos and make big cash




I love this site~ GooddTOLove! great job!

Again thank you so much. Stand tall as always.







Hey man, I LOVE the NEW Features to the site!! This site is really COOL!!



Hey GoodTOLove,  I really like you and it really kool and keep up the good work well. I have to go. bye. love ya carmen





Hey Hows it going? GoodTOLove make my life better ! I share my videos,photos with friends and make money for my living=) .

 Have a Great Year! ~*Shaina*~




heyy sup.sup?  i wrote a goodtolove song, and did a video with it . it has a lot of GoodTOLove Logos on it. i Really love you yuh !!





HI I love I LOVE GoodTOLove THANX  , and I am spreading the word at Topsail about it!!



GoodTOLove, your website is the greatest!

I love it, i can share videos, photos, webpages  with my friends for FREE registering and Make Money  !

and so many other things!  Yourock.~Jmercy





Hey GoodToLove was a great Idea .

I think you should get major PROPS for creating it.... Good Job.... =) (=





i love u for making GoodTolove .

The Best of Luck!
:) *Amanda*





Thanks again for everything!

You are the BEST!!!!



hey GoodTOLove! i just got an account with this site and its awesume! much love from me me!




you, my friend... are the man!!! how can you be sooo cool



You rock!I think ur amazing n u definitely You're my hero GoodTOLove! 

Keep watching! 
 Oh jeese. well g2g c-ya Love ya,Hebe





Hello GoodTOLove,best wishes and Love from Boston!very best Alexar



I have nothing but respect for you, you are my idol and I have faith in you.


Thanks for makin this, I love it :)

Again thank you so much





Hi my name is toni i am new to this site and it is pretty fun! well anyways just wanted to sign your goodtolove gots ta bounce by for now





I think it is the shit that you and your friend came up with this web site. im going to tell everone i know to make one. so that, all the people from youtube have one.i like it better to. thanks


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