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GoodToLove website Terms Of Use

(Last Updated 24th April 2007)

This Accord has to be concluded, understood and accepted to by any person Older than 18.
Whether a parent or tutor wants to allow a minor under his or her care, to access this site, he or she must email the firm with his or her clear allowance and agreement of totally legal liability for the person under 18 to do so. If you are under 18, whether you are sensitive, or are using this site from another country in which materials on this site are forbidden or are not legal, please leave now because you are not allowed to enter this site.

In this website materials are copyrighted, therefore all rights are reserved.
Graphics, text, HTML code,databases, and other intellectual property are under the protection of american and International Copyright Laws, and can not be reprinted, copied, reengineered, published, hosted, translated or otherwise provided by any means with no clear accord. Trademarks on this site belong to GoodToLove website or of other owners.

GoodToLove website won't have the responsibility and / or liability in any way for any failure or losss of any type. You are completely responsible to assure you enjoy GoodToLove website and its all connected products and or services such as laws are not broken or violated, and they include but are not limited to online and offline regulations, in the United States or anywhere else.

Besides, GoodToLove website has the total, free rights to Finish GoodToLove membership website whenever they want without announcing previously and does not have the obligation to go on working on GoodToLove membership site.

GoodToLove website users have the right reserved to stop, suspend and take out whenever they want the membership of any person. GoodToLove website won't have the responsibility and / or liability for any failure or loss for any GoodToLove website users who offer incorrect and or imporoper personal data. GoodToLove website users don't have ownership or copyright rights and or may not ask for copyright or ownership to any of the services and / or products provided by GoodToLove website.

The owner of this site does not have to be associated with sites which can be connected to this site and has no responsibility for their wording. The related sites are for your agreement only and you enter them taking your own chance. Connections to other websites or references to services and products or issues other than those belonging to GoodToLove website and its subsequent sites and associated to this website, don't mean that such websites must be endorsed or approved, including products, services or issues of GoodToLove website or its subsequent sites and collaborators.

GoodToLove website does not ask to own video copyrighted by other authors or creators.

User Access to GoodToLove website
Each user is allowed to watch all videos, if GoodToLove does not limit watching them.

For posting video, sending messages, adding comments on specific videos, adding to friend, adding to favorite and other functions which can add through GoodToLove website, users must make own community member profile.

Each user is not permitted to enjoy other members' profiles if a written approval by GoodToLove website is not submitted. When applying GoodToLove website member profile, a user has to offer clear and complete full information. Users are only responsible for the activity which appears on their own profile, and each user has to maintain profile username and password secure. Each user has to inform or report to GoodToLove website administrators as soon as there is any breaking of security or illegal use of your own community member profile.

GoodToLove website won't respond for any users' losses provoked by any illegal use of your own account; nonetheless, users can respond for the losses of GoodToLove website or others because of such illegal use.

Video posting for GoodToLove website users
When using GoodToLove website(s), you accept not to: - Limit, or stop any other user from using and enjoying the site and services; or

- Post, or send any illegal, fraudulent, abusive, threatening, defamatory, libelous, otherwise objectionable, obscene or harmful data of any type; or

- Post, or send any data, or software which has a virus, worm, or other disruptive or harmful component; or

- Post, send and / or ask for the copyright of post materials in breaking of another party's copyright, or intellectual property rights; or

- Duplicate, reproduce,sell, copy, resell, trade, or exploit for any commercial aims of using and / or entering any part of the products and / or services including, but not limited to your member information and software.

Spamming is completely prohibited. If you are noticed, or we are sent many complaints, etc. you will be taken out as soon as you are caught. No discussion, no money back.

GoodToLove website has the right reserved to decline posting, amending, or completely entirely removing any information, or materials in part, or in a whole, which are not acceptable, offensive, or from our point of view a breaking of this accord.

GoodToLove website members must know that when you post videos from other sources, you must not ask for copyright of those videos. If you own copyright or you are an agent thereof and tink that any member submission or other content affects your copyrights, you can send a notification pursuant to GoodToLove website. Each community member ought to understand that when accessing GoodToLove website(s), you will be exposed to user submissions from a lot of sources, and GoodToLove website does not respond for the correctness, safety, usefulness, or intellectual property rights of or related to such member submissions. Furthermore you understand and know that you can be exposed to members submissions which are not accurate, which are offensive, objectionable or indecent, and you use them taking your own chance.

GoodToLove website does not have any obligation to watch GoodToLove website(s) and chat area(s). Nevertheless, you are aware and accept that GoodToLove website has the right reserved to observe the GoodToLove website(s) and chat area(s)and in addition, to show any data needed to work on the site and site-related services correctly, to protect itself and its users/sponsors/customers/ and to respect legal obligations, or requests ordered by government.

Updates of Services Terms
GoodToLove website has the right reserved to change and / or refresh these Service Terms whenever they want with or without previous notification; you are responsible to check this page for updates.

GoodToLove website Disclaimer
GoodToLove website offers this site and connected services submitted to your accord and approval with the terms and conditions specified as follows. Please read the this information attentively.
copyright information
copyright© 2007
GoodToLove© all rights reserved.

Each page within GoodToLove website(s) and / or chat areas is the property of GoodToLove website. GoodToLove website has the right reserved to change this noticification at any time if such an action can be justified. If we don't succeed to list something which can be of interest to you, we have the right reserved to attach any claims stated even after any event which leads to claim has appeared.

Information and data of GoodToLove website are offered for informational aims only; GoodToLove website will not be responsible for any mistakes or delays in the content, or for any actions performed in reliance thereon.

Some third party website services registered in GoodToLove website(s) and / or chat area(s) can introduce cookies into your PC. You have to read any visited website privacy strategy that you can select to surf in order to be aware of their actions.

Moreover, the trading services, that users can access by the links on GoodToLove website page(s) and / or chat area(s), are services of the registered independent providers and / or companies. GoodToLove website offers customized connections only for your convenience. The firm and / or provider you choose are/is only responsible for its services to you, the user.

GoodToLove website won't respond for any damages, claims, delays, errors, costs of any type which arise out, or other expenditures which appear indirectly, or directly, or any actions performed by any ways related to your use of the services of the registered independent provider and/ or company. You are strictly responsible for your own actions of accessing any website link you can click on from any of GoodToLove website(s) and / or chat area(s).

As GoodToLove website member, you are specifically aware that GoodToLove website will not respond for user submissions or the Offensive, defamatory, or unlawful behaviour of any third party and that the danger of injure or damage from the foregoing concerns only you.

You accept to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless GoodToLove website, directors, officers, agents and employees , from and against any and all damages, claims, losses, obligations,costs, liabilities, or debt, and expenditures, including but not limited to attorney's fees, resulting from:
(i) your access to and use of the GoodToLove website;
(ii) your breaking of any condition of these Service Terms;
(iii) your breaking of any third party right, including without restriction any copyright, privacy, or property right; or
(iv) any claim that one of your video posting provoked damage to a third party.
This indemnification and defense obligation will be valid whenever you use GoodToLove website.

Please Observe:
Even if GoodToLove website tries to only show high quality website(s) services within our service, we suggest you to assess any visited website service for your confidence and self-assurance of searching their websites.


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