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Sharing videos, photos, news, webpages with Good to Love

Good to Love is an online service that offers the community rewards, including the ability to make money sharing videos, photos, news, and web pages. Membership is free. You do not have to pay money to register and become a member. Good to Love provides you ways to earn extra cash to put in your pocket while you share videos, photos, web pages, and news with family and friends. Using embed codes through a secure video page, Good to Love makes it possible for users to make extra money sharing and watch videos, as well as viewing news and photos online. The best deal is you can sign up free and start making money today. GOOD to Love specializes in helping the Internet community by allowing them to enjoy watching and sharing videos with family and friends to earn cash.

The site chiefly is the only web site listed on the Internet that offers users from anywhere around the world, money to share videos, photos, news and web pages with family and friends. The more people that view your videos, news, web pages and photos, means more cash in your pocket. Once you sign up at Good to Love you are taking to a page where you can start loading up your photos, news, videos, and web pages to start making money. FREE membership gives you the tools you need to get started making cash now. You have your own email box; friends request page, your own post area, bookmarks, referral page, and friend list and so on. Use the tools to start making cash now. Sign up for REFERRALS at Good to Love and start making more cash. You have the ability to earn extra spending money each day by merely inviting your friends and family to view your videos, photos, news, or web sites.

How it works:

Once you register at the Good to Love site you post your web sites, photos, news or videos and start inviting people to visit your post. Each time a visitor clicks on your video, news, web site, or photos you get credit into your membership account. Each time a visitor clicks on your profile, you get credit. Once your profile or post reaches ten clicks your Google posts are displayed ten times. This means that Google posts (videos, news, etc) are visible at your Adsense account at Good to Love. The more content you post at, the more chances you have at making extra cash:

Joining the Good to Love today gives you the chance to start earning money, but also you are not required of anything by joining the site other than signing up.

In Addition, Good to Love gives each member registering at the site a distinctive identity. Good to Love encourages each unique member to take special care of their profile, since the user profile represents who you are at Good to Love.

Rewards at Good to Love: Real Cash to you
Bookmark all your favorite videos, photos, URL, copy, and paste to start sharing:
Members can bookmark their favorite photos, videos, news, web pages and save it to one site. At Good to Love (, members can copy embedded codes from various videos shared in the Good to Love community web site and paste or post the videos at committed accounts you hold at the site area. Embedded codes give you the advantage of inviting your friends and family to view your favorite photos, web pages, news, videos, at the designated area in the community. Remember each time someone clicks on your post, it is money in your pocket.

Good to Love offers you:

The chance to make cash sharing videos, web pages, photos and news
Video Zone
Allows you to copy & paste video embed code and video sharing!
Web Page
You can copy and paste your URL to view and share web pages

All members can enjoy watch videos, sharing web pages, news, and photos at Good to Love while making money too. Members can use their embedded code account to view the current events in the news, or to locate videos that are relevant to your interest and hobby. At the Good to Love, site members and visitors can discover quirks with unique features or information. Members have the ability to capture the unusual moments on live videos, photos, news, or web pages at the site. What a great way to encourage members and visitors to contribute. Contributions lead to great rewards at Good to Love.

Good to Love gives each member a promotion in ranks and profile when they contribute. The more you make, the higher your ranking. Above all else, members make money by sharing with others their photos and videos. Again, it is FREE to sign up, so take advantage of the great rewards offered at the Good to Love site, by visiting

You get more:
Post all your news that you want to share with your family and friends

Good to LOVE Website Rules
We encourage honesty at Good to Love: Members should adhere to:

1. DO NOT post offensive subject, content, photos, pictures, words, etc;
2. DO NOT insult or attack other members or their posts

1. We encourage our members to post and share more each day
2. Visit more zones & encourage other members
3. Report spamming posts to site administration if you spot offensive posts:
4. Check your profile & mailbox daily so that you can stay connected with friends and family

Good to LOVE is building a community:
Our community is highly motivated and encourages our members to feel the same about watching videos, viewing web pages, photos and reading news to make money. Our work is never done, although we have come this far. Thus, if you can think of ways to change Good to Love to make things easier for you, we encourage members to contact us with your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions and so on. Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We promise to listen, so let us know what you think!

Share your stuff and make cash with us!


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